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Journal of Kake (3534)

Tuesday February 04, 2003
07:31 AM

Writing the code was the easy part

[ #10384 ]

Now I have to work out what to call it.

I've done a fair bit of work on a usemod-style formatter for CGI::Wiki, and I've got something that would make a decent 0.01 release (when/if I get a couple of patches applied (no, this is not a nag, just an excuse for being so slow about getting it out)). As part of that, I needed to do something like URI::Find, but which was prepared for the URIs in the text to be wrapped in delimiters and to contain an optional title, since usemod formatting allows marking up external URLs like so:

[ the use.perl site]

which will be turned into the use.perl site.

So, the code exists — URI::Find::Wrapped 0.01 — but I hate the name. It already confused a couple of people on IRC who assumed it had something to do with the way certain MUAs, newsreaders, etc, linewrap URIs if they're too long. It's got to go. But what do I call it instead?

Suggestions so far include:

  • URI::Find::Delimited — possibly my favourite so far.
  • URI::Find::Bracketed — also nice. Mark pointed out that people might want to use things other than brackets as delimiters, but maybe that should be discouraged, in which case using this name would be a good thing.
  • URI::Find::Encapsulated — I'm still thinking about this one.
  • URI::Find::Engated — it's a lovely word, but maybe a little obscure.
  • URI::Find::Wiki — I don't like this, because first of all it doesn't mean anything to people who don't know what a wiki is, and who's to say they won't have use for this code; and secondly the other thing I plan to do with this module (part of a content management thing at work) isn't a wiki.
  • URI::Find::Markedup — does what it says on the tin, but oh, if only “markedup” was actually a single word.
  • URI::Find::Markup — to me this sounds like something focused on finding markup rather than on finding URIs, and my module is definitely focused on the latter.
  • URI::Find::Embedded — I can see where this one is coming from, since the URIs are embedded within their delimiters, but I think “embedded” has the same problem as “wrapped” in that it means too many things.


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  • It's a great word. Make people learn!
    • hex wrote:

      It's a great word. Make people learn!

      I went for URI::Find::Delimited [] in the end, since Windle [] pointed out that RFC 2396 [] appendix E uses “delimited”. But you're right; it is a good word. Janet [] gave it to me.

      You know, the icky thing about journals is that because the initial post in this thread was a couple of weeks ago, you're the only person who's going to notice I've written all this, and that only if you've got notification turned on.