CliffY's Journal CliffY's use Perl Journal en-us use Perl; is Copyright 1998-2006, Chris Nandor. Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-01-25T02:46:58+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 CliffY's Journal Bonus <p>Well I guess something has worked out from the job change and stupid co-op fiascos. I get to go to YAPC, their even counting the days as work so I don't have to use vacation.</p><p>So anyone know any good strip joints in St Louis?</p> CliffY 2002-06-04T14:45:36+00:00 journal Freakin co-ops!!!!!! <p>Well with the new position comes what I thought would be an added bonus, a co-op! I was told he knew perl and was very helpful, apparently I was still hung over when I heard that and believed it! This kid is the most useless piece I've seen in a long time. I'm about ready to do a hard 20 and be done with him.</p><p>His name is something like Chip or Tad, you get the idea, who names their kids these stupid names. Whatever happened to good names<br>like George, Guenther or Barney or Roger. People give their kids these stupid names like Brian, Brandon, Starsky, Renaldo, and Boyce and you know your gonna be dealing with someone who's been riding the short bus.</p><p>Back to the problem at hand. This perl guru who I've been "blessed" with asks wonderful insightful questions like:</p><p>"What's the difference between eq and == ?"</p><p>"I was wondering if anyone had a list of CHMOD permission codes."</p><p>"What is the main difference between $ARGV and @ARGV besides one is a string and the other is an array?"</p><p>This genius has 3 Perl books on his desk and we have perldoc installed! If I ever meet his parents I'm sure I'll understand!</p> CliffY 2002-05-30T15:02:18+00:00 journal Well they went and did it <p>Well I have been unceremoniously yanked from my current position and put into a position I that I don't like. Last night at 5pm they said I had a choice, today the job was mine no ifs ands or buts! After, talking with an ex-coworker who had been in the same position when he was here, he said run!</p> CliffY 2002-05-22T18:34:29+00:00 journal Sorry and Hello <p>Hello,</p><p>Sorry for my previous comments, I was just trying to join the conversation, and where I'm from you gotta be like that or ya gotta toss some salad. My PO says I should try to interact with people who have interests similar to my own now, and was none to happy with my first try. I will now be trying a journal as to not to piss off anyone.</p><p>I work at a small company and use perl to fix others problems, cause they're too damn lazy to fix them on their own. Everyone here is just a whiny ass complainer, and if I didn't need the work I wouldn't be here. It gets so bad sometimes I just wanna...well you know!</p> CliffY 2002-05-14T19:23:37+00:00 journal