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Burak (3156)

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Journal of Burak (3156)

Thursday October 16, 2008
02:45 PM

Having a single version number in all modules in a distro

[ #37679 ]
I was trying to figure out a mechanism to somehow format all modules in a distro (Text::Template::Simple) automatically to have a single version number instead of varying versions among files. I'm not so sure if this is the best way, but I chose to manually modify the files to update the versions in them. First, I had to subclass Module::Build to alter the `Build dist` action. However, M::B has an awkward interface for subclassing. One needs to pass the sublass code as a string into the subclass() method. Weirdo :p But since I didn't like this interface for subclassing and I wanted to use the syntax checking/coloring of my Komodo Edit, I've decided to load the content from an external file:

my $class = Module::Build->subclass(
                                class => 'MBSubclass',
                                code => raw_subclass(),

sub raw_subclass {
        my $file = File::Spec->catfile( 'tools', '' );
        my $FH = IO::File->new;
        $FH->open( $file, 'r' ) or die "Can not open($file): $!";
        my $rv = do { local $/; <$FH> };
        close $FH;
        return $rv;

And here is the subclass (note that there is no package declaration since M::B adds this part automatically afterwards):

use strict;
use vars qw( $VERSION );
use warnings;
use File::Find;
use constant RE_VERSION_LINE => qr{
      \A \$VERSION \s+ = \s+ ["'] (.+?) ['"] ; (.+?) \z
use constant VTEMP => q{$VERSION = '%s';};

$VERSION = '0.10';

sub ACTION_dist {
      my $self = shift;
      warn sprintf(
                        "RUNNING 'dist' Action from subclass %s v%s\n",
      my @modules;
      find {
            wanted => sub {
                  my $file = $_;
                  return if $file !~ m{ \. pm \z }xms;
                  push @modules, $file;
                  warn "FOUND Module: $file\n";
            no_chdir => 1,
      }, "lib";
      $self->_change_versions( \@modules );
      $self->SUPER::ACTION_dist( @_ );

sub _change_versions {
      my $self = shift;
      my $files = shift;
      my $dver = $self->dist_version;

      warn "DISTRO Version: $dver\n";

      foreach my $mod ( @{ $files } ) {
            warn "PROCESSING $mod\n";
            my $new = $mod . '.new';
            open my $RO_FH, '<:raw', $mod or die "Can not open file($mod): $!";
            open my $W_FH , '>:raw', $new or die "Can not open file($new): $!";
            my $changed;
            while ( my $line = readline $RO_FH ) {
                  if ( ! $changed && ( $line =~ RE_VERSION_LINE ) ) {
                          my $oldv = $1;
                          my $remainder = $2;
                          warn "CHANGED Version from $oldv to $dver\n";
                          printf $W_FH VTEMP . $remainder, $dver;
                  print $W_FH $line;

            close $RO_FH or die "Can not close file($mod): $!";
            close $W_FH or die "Can not close file($new): $!";

            unlink($mod) || die "Can not remove original module($mod): $!";
            rename( $new, $mod ) || die "Can not rename( $new, $mod ): $!";
            warn "RENAME Successful!\n";


It's really straightforward. Find the *.pm and them create a modified copy that has the distro's version and replace the original with the new one and resume `dist` process :)
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  • I am not sure it makes sense unless the module can't stand on its own to share the version from the main application but I would love to hear what others have to say.

    • Well, it looks like this was discussed at least once :) [] Anyway, I bet (since this is not something new) there is already some stuff related to this on PerlMonks, but I'm too lazy to search right now :) As for my decision, Text::Template::Simple and all it's sub modules are actually a single monolithic thing splitted into separate files to ease managing :) And it was really a single .pm some time back...