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Journal of BooK (2612)

Tuesday March 29, 2005
07:53 PM

Play the kwalitee game

[ #23916 ]

On monday morning I discovered my kwalitee rating (14.2857142857143 for 7 modules) and that I ranked 25th among the authors of more than 5 modules.

I've quickly upgraded all my modules (but one) to the level of kwalitee 16, and ta-da! I've now jumped to rank 7 (15.7142857142857 for the same 7 modules). The next release of HTTP::Proxy should have 16 kwalitee as well, so that I can join SAPER and CLACO (and probably a few others by next week) up there at the top.

The hardest kwalitee point to get is is_prereq (the module needs to be a prerequisite for at least 3 others modules not by the same author). However, since I have a module which is already a prerequisite for two other modules, I just need to advertise that module a little bit more, so that others will use it as well.

The only tiny little problem with that plan is that the module in question is... Acme::MetaSyntactic! Aiieee!! Holy catastrophe!!! (It is a prerequisite for Bot::MetaSyntactic and Acme::MetaSyntactic::RefactorCode)

Well, even though HTTP::Proxy is also a prerequisite for two modules (HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::Adnix and HTTP::Recorder::Httperf), and Regexp::Log for one module (Regexp::Log::Common), I am pretty sure that Acme::MetaSyntactic is the one module that will earn me that 17th kwalitee point.

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  • And this just because BooK is jealous for my being currently at the first rank.. ;o)
    Close the world. txEn eht nepO
  • Sweet Monkey Spunk....#2!!!! That's me.

    I total missed the rerunning of cpants until I saw your post. :-)
  • I hope you all noticed the small images next to the rank indicating up/down movement or new-entry ("!!") (congrats to CLACO, btw..)

    Now I should finally do new releases of my modules to climb up a bit, or add a metric like 'is_DOMM' :-)

    • Although its nice to increase my ranking, I do note that you've only counted 18 of my 20 modules. Which two got missed and why? Is there something that's missing now that was there in the last run you did, as previously you've listed all 20?
    • Actually, I don't think I like those images... :-)

      You see, I have a down-red-arrow next to my name... and that arrow makes it look as though my kwalitee has gone down, while it hasn't! Simply, other people's kwalitee raised, and they moved up!

      Others justs got better! I didn't get any worse! My modules haven't been updated! They're still the same!

      I don't like it... I don't... :-) It makes it look as thought my code has gotten worse, while it's still the same! :-)

    • I did indeed. Nice work domm! I't nice to see more and more people taking notice of their kwalitee ratings because of your site.
  • I had the same problem. The quick (and dirty) solution was to create Acme::Raise_my_kwalitee [] ;-)
    • Would it be a stretch to ask you to remove that or do you need a hard flaming? You are aware that you owe an apology not only to Domm but to all of CPAN as well, right? Where do you think would we end up if everyone emulated you?
        • Henrik wrote this module prior to my talk at YAPC, and I was sitting next to him while he did. It's a joke, and one I can take very well...
        • And it won't work in the near future, as I'll remove an authors own modules from is_prereq
  • Philipe: the "Pink" link in your profile slashbox thingie or whatever it's called points to but the correct domain is