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Beatnik (493)

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A 29 year old belgian who likes Mountain Dew, Girl Scout Cookies, Tim Hortons French Vanilla Flavoured Cappucinno, Belgian beer, Belgian chocolate, Belgian women, Magners Cider, chocolate chipped cookies and Perl. Likes snowboarding, snorkling, sailing and silence. Bach can really cheer him up! He still misses his dog.

Project Daddy of Spine [], a mod_perl based CMS.

In his superhero time (8.30 AM to 5.30 PM), he works on world peace.

Journal of Beatnik (493)

Thursday September 07, 2006
05:32 PM

Critic stats

[ #30922 ]
Just a raw dump of Perl::Critics output.. Considering this is 11k lines of code, I'm not doing THAT bad :)

"die" used instead of "croak"  = 6
"unless" block used  = 1
"warn" used instead of "carp"  = 24
@ISA used instead of "use base"  = 16
AUTOLOAD method declared  = 14
Ambiguous name for variable or subroutine  = 19
Bareword file handle opened  = 1
Builtin function called with parens  = 226
Capture variable used outside conditional  = 5
Code before warnings are enabled  = 6736
Expression form of "eval"  = 16
File handle for "print" is not braced  = 1
Heredoc terminator must be quoted  = 5
Loop iterator is not lexical  = 6
Magic punctuation variable used  = 21
Missing "BUGS AND LIMITATIONS" section in POD  = 67
Missing "DEPENDENCIES" section in POD  = 67
Missing "DIAGNOSTICS" section in POD  = 67
Missing "INCOMPATIBILITIES" section in POD  = 67
Missing "LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT" section in POD  = 67
Missing "SUBROUTINES/METHODS" section in POD  = 67
Missing "SYNOPSIS" section in POD  = 4
Mixed high and low-precedence booleans  = 2
Mixed-case subroutine name  = 2
Package variable declared or used  = 8
Postfix control "if" used  = 297
Postfix control "unless" used  = 16
Pragma "constant" used  = 23
Quotes used with a noisy string  = 39
Quotes used with an empty string  = 171
RCS keywords $HeadURL$ not found  = 13
RCS keywords $Id$ not found  = 67
RCS keywords $Revision$, $HeadURL$, $Date$ not found  = 54
RCS keywords $Revision$, $Source$, $Date$ not found  = 54
RCS keywords $Source$ not found  = 13
Regular expression without "/m" flag  = 448
Regular expression without "/x" flag  = 448
String delimiter used with "split"  = 16
Subroutine called with "&" sigil  = 2
Subroutine does not end with "return"  = 37
Subroutine name is a homonym for builtin function  = 3
Subroutine with high complexity score  = 21
Symbols are exported by default  = 2
Two-argument "open" used  = 1
Useless interpolation of literal string  = 643
Variable declared in conditional statement  = 53
Warnings disabled  = 14

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  • You must be running an SVN version. I don't think the $Id$/$blah$/$blablah$ errors are in production yet.

    Or am I wrong?

    Are you also using emacs? There's an extras/perltidy.el minor mode to get it integrated right into your editor.
    • I'm running SVN. I actually do have quite a bit of legacy tags from my CVS era. Updating those is pretty low priority to me. I think those critics are on severity level 1 or 2 so I didn't cover those yet. I first fixed what was really bad :) I'm not using emacs but I switch a bit between vi, mc and whatever X editor is handy at the moment. I'm reading Perl Hacks and there are a few things I'll probably add so my code gets critized and tidied before I commit it tho.